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Rays vs. White Sox, game four recap: Rays lose on the final Web Wednesday

Miguel Gonzalez gave a performance worth watching.

Goodyear Cotton Bowl - Alabama v Michigan State Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This was the last Web Wednesday of the year. So let’s get right to the important stuff.

Joey: “If you were reincarnated as an animal, what would you choose to be?”

Answer: Dewayne loves horses, but he’s worried about being a prey animal. Thinks BA would be the cat jumping on the back of the horse.

But BA says he would come back as a bald eagle. This one in particular.

But he’d also shake anybody’s hand.

Simon: “If we had a series of baseball games with the Rays involved, would you guys look forward to coming over?”

Answer: Dewayne Staats once put his foot on a bench at the British Museum and was admonished for it.

Julie: “Can you pass my number to Kevin Kiermaier?”

They never answered, which probably means “No.”

Bryan, for BA: “Can the Browns win at least three games?”

They never answered, which probably means “No.”

Steve, for Dewayne: “What’s your favorite memory you can share on the air about Harry Caray?”

Staats: “Well, there a lot of those.” “He believed in staying hydrated.” Referring to the hydration, he used to say, “How can they make it so cheap and it tastes so good?” Also, he would get the team broadcast bus to drop him off in Manhattan in the middle of the night.

Some other notes:

  • The first three innings (just about), were played in the rain.
  • Snell pitched. He was okay. He threw 95 mph, and he worked on that hard slider he’s been playing with recently. Some of those sliders were really excellent, and he did a good job burying it on the back foot of righties. But like usual, Snell threw too many pitches, and too many balls in particular.
  • Then it rained harder, and there was an hour-and-a-half-plus-long rain delay.
  • When play resumed, Miguel Gonzalez came out to continue pitching. He went 90 minutes between pitches, and then ended his line with eight and a third shutout innings. Give the man props.
  • But Snell did not continue. Instead, Ryan Garton put up zeroes.
  • Then Eddie Gamboa took his turn, and believe it or not, he pounded the strikezone with his knuckleball. For the fifth, and the sixth, and the first two outs of the seventh inning it was dominance. But then Todd Frazier hit a 1-2 pitch for a home run down the left-field line. It’s sort of the thing Todd Frazier does (it was his 40th on the season).
  • When Logan Forsythe lined a one-out single in the ninth inning, Gonzalez was finally given some relief. David Robertson threw exactly one pitch.

Final question: From Joan and Jeffrey. What are you most looking for in the offseason?

(Then Kevin Kiermaier hit into a double play, ending the game and rushing the answer.)

BA: Quality. Time. With. The. Kids.

I’ll give you mine: No. More. Recaps. This was my last of the season. Till next year, y’all.