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Tampa Bay Rays closing in on No. 2 draft selection in 2017

Tampa Bay has finally dropped below Atlanta with four games left to play.

What has largely been a disappointing Rays seasons is beginning to have a silver lining.

The Rays fell to the White Sox last night on a rainy day in Chicago, compiling their miserable baseball experience with dreariness, dropping them to their lowest point in the standings this season.

Or in another way of looking at it, glory-glory, hallelujah, the Rays have the second worst record in baseball!

Minnesota Twins 56 102 0.354 45 30-51 26-51
Tampa Bay Rays 65 93 0.411 36 36-45 29-48
Atlanta Braves 65 92 0.414 35.5 28-49 37-43
Arizona Diamondbacks 66 92 0.418 35 30-48 36-44
Oakland Athletics 67 91 0.424 34 34-47 33-44

The Rays are a poor team on a hard losing streak, with just one victory in the last ten games, putting them on an opposite trajectory of the Atlanta Braves, who have been finishing the season strong.

Minnesota Twins 700 873 -173 L3 1-9
Tampa Bay Rays 656 702 -46 L6 1-9
Atlanta Braves 636 768 -132 W2 9-1
Arizona Diamondbacks 732 875 -143 W1 4-6
Oakland Athletics 638 743 -105 L3 2-8

The Rays were already likely yo draft high next season, but falling below the Braves positions the Rays with an even more advantageous draft pick: the No. 2 overall selection.

Not to be outdone, the Diamondbacks are likewise in hot pursuit of the No. 2 pick, but neither National League teams are slumping the way the Rays are currently.

The Rays (65-93) have four games remaining, one against Chicago and then three against the Rangers in Arlington.

The Braves (one loss fewer of Tampa Bay) have four games remaining, finishing their series against Philadelphia before hosting the Tigers.

The Diamondbacks (one win ahead) have one more game to complete in DC before returning home to host the also-bad Padres.

The Athletics (two wins ahead) are also close enough to warrant consideration, with a four game series in Seattle looming.

Any of these four teams could easily grab the No. 2 selection in 2017.

Previous No. 2 overall picks over the last several years include SS Alex Bregman, 3B Kris Bryant, OF Byron Buxton, RHP Jameson Taillon, INF Mike Moustakas, INF/OF Alex Gordon, RHP Justin Verlander, and going back far enough to the last Rays pick at No. 2, INF/OF Melvin Upton Jr.

It's a valuable selection, and while you should never wish for your team to have a losing mentality, there's always a way to see the cup 41.1% full.