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Game 134 Preview: Rays vs Blue Jays

Snell tries to rebound after a few short outings

Snell uses magic, and weird facial expressions, to make a baseball levitate.
Snell uses magic, and weird facial expressions, to make a baseball levitate.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Starting Pitchers:

Marco Estrada 8 6 3.37 4.35 4.60 8.17 3.12 .223 11.4% 23 144.1 2.1
Blake Snell 4 7 3.56 3.56 4.40 9.48 5.27 .356 6.2 14 68.1 1.3

Blake Snell is coming off two straight losses in which he pitched for 3.0 and 3.2 innings each. He was only able to go 1.2 IP in his last start against Toronto on August 10th as well. Snell's been able to go at least 5.1 IP in almost every other start this season. He has the stuff to go multiple times through a major league order, but Toronto can make it difficult with its potent lineup. He'll need to limit the walks and trust his stuff to limit the damage if he wants to pitch past the first few innings today.

Marco Estrada Scouting Report:

Now in his second year with the Blue Jays, Marco Estrada has performed more than a full run better than his FIP and xFIP suggests over that time. His higher than average left-on-base rates of 79.2% and 78.1% in those years are probably the big reasons why he's been able to outperform his peripherals. Though he pitched well in his last outing, he posted ERAs of 10.80 and 11.25 in the two games before that.

His Arsenal:

Pitch Avg Velo vs RHB vs LHP
Fourseam 88.68 mph 49.07% 47.66%
Change 77.64 27.76 31.39
Curve 76.80 11.76 7.52
Cutter 86.37 11.41 13.35

Marco Estrada gets elite rise on his fastball, change up and cutter, while the curve features a nearly 20" vertical movement difference from the fastball. On the horizontal plane, his fastballs and cutters are pretty straight, while his change up and curve feature about 5" of run to opposite sides. The change up features an 11 mph difference from the fastball. The RHP may not have major league velocity, but everything else about the arsenal looks exceptional.

Today's Lineups

Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Rays
Jose Bautista - RF Logan Forsythe - 2B
Josh Donaldson - 3B Kevin Kiermaier - CF
Edwin Encarnacion - 1B Evan Longoria - 3B
Russell Martin - DH Brad Miller - 1B
Troy Tulowitzki - SS Matt Duffy - SS
Melvin Upton Jr - LF Logan Morrison - DH
Dioner Navarro - C Nick Franklin - RF
Kevin Pillar - CF Corey Dickerson - LF
Devon Travis - 2B Bobby Wilson - C