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Ask DRB #19: How much good/bad can a hitting coach do?

Plus: Lazy River’s in Stadiums - good idea, bad idea, or best idea?

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Is getting rid of the hitting/pitching coach just the cheap fix that ignores the bigger issues with a team? Or perhaps can the message get stale after years of hearing it? Whether we actually know enough to answer either question, we can still have our own hot take to add.


  • Would Brad Miller work better in LF or 1B?
  • Is Nick Franklin playing his way into a platoon role in 2017 (though with who is still a mystery)?
  • With a disappointing season, does the buck stop at Kevin Cash? How much blame should a manager get?
  • Stadium talk! What are some of the new and innovative ways the Rays can get people to choose going out to the game vs staying in?
  • The Rays face a similar problem that the movie industry does: making an enjoyable enough experience out, with a good enough product, to get people to get off their couch and see it in person.
  • Is the Trop’s location the biggest problem leading to low attendance, or is there more important factors?
  • How should the Rays address the bullpen next year?
  • What’s the next “shocking” move the Rays will make?
  • What is the issue with Motter to be left off the major league roster?
  • Should the Rays bring back LoMo?

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