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33 Days until Spring Training Begins

Hit Show Canseco, Big Game James, Drew ‘better than David Price’ Smyly

Texas Rangers v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Charles Sonnenblick/Getty Images

The days keep ticking by as we’re just over a month from the start of spring training as pitchers and catchers will report to Port Charlotte in just 33 days!

To commemorate the date, here are the players to have won the #33 while playing for the Rays.

Jose Canseco (1999-2000), Damian Rolls (2001-2003), Eduardo Perez (2004-2005), Dan Miceli (2006), James Shields (2007-2012), Drew Smyly (2014-2016).

Some memorable moments to come while wearing these uniforms

Jose Canseco bashed many home runs and helped usher in the ‘Hit Show’

James Shields dominated so many times wearing the number 33 for the Rays, here was the final time, which just happened to be the best performance of his entire career.

Drew Smyly shuts down the Toronto Blue Jays, dominating after being acquired at the 2014 trade deadline in the David Price trade

Eduardo Perez also blasted a massive walk-off home run against the Red Sox to cap off a eventful brawl filled series.

The number 33 in Rays statistics

That’s the same number of home runs hit by Evan Longoria during the 2009 season in which he slashed .281/.364/.526 with 33 HR, good for 132 wRC+ and he accrued a total of 7.1 fWAR that season.

Check back tomorrow has the countdown continues...