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32 Days Until Spring Training Begins

Eric Hinske, Fred McGriff, and Evan Longoria provide some pop

Albie Lopez

The days keep ticking by as our countdown to the day that pitchers and catchers report to Port Charlotte continues as we are now just 32 days away from baseball being back.

To commemorate the date, here are the players to have worn the #32 for the Rays.

Albie Lopez (1998-2001), Nick Bierbrodt (2001-2003), Adam Piatt (2003), Damian Moss (2004), Shawn Riggans (2006-2007), Eric Hinske (2008), and Chris Richard (2009).

Some memorable moments to come for these players in these uniforms

Eric Hinkse mashed 20 HR for the Rays, helping them to the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Here’s his final HR of that season.

The Number 32 in Rays Statistics

Two Rays have mashed exactly 32 HR in a season, first was Fred McGriff in 1999 when he slashed .310/.405/.552 with those 32 HR, good for 140 wRC+ and a total of 3.6 fWAR over 144 games.

Evan Longoria also totaled 32 HR during the 2013 season, in which Longoria slashed .269/.343/.498 with those 32 HR, good for 132 wRC+ and he accrued a total of 6.5 fWAR over 160 games.

The day is getting ever so much closer for Rays spring training to commence, check back tomorrow as the countdown continues.