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28 Days Until Spring Training Begins

Another weekend closer to baseball

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Due to some confusion regarding the Rays spring training report dates and their first official workout, the countdown has gained a day so there are actually 28 days until spring training officially commences for the Tampa Bay Rays.

To commemorate the date, here are the players to have worn the number 28 for the Rays.

Eddie Gaillard (1998-1999), Steve Cox (2000-2002), Jim Parque (2003), Danys Baez (2004-2005), Al Reyes (2007-2008), John Jaso (2008, 2010-2011, 2015), Jose Molina (2012-2014), and Steve Pearce (2016)

Some memorable Rays moments from these players

Jose Molina’s tenure with the Rays may have ended poorly, but he did provide some extreme value those first two years

John Jaso’s most impactful plate appearance during his Rays days

Steve Pearce was a very nice addition to the team for the first half of 2016

The Best and Worst Age 28 Seasons in Rays History

The Best

Ben Zobrist in 2009

.297/.405/.543 with 27 HR, 152 wRC+, and 8.6 fWAR over 152 games

The Worst

Quinton McCracken in 1999

.250/.317/.324 with 1 HR, 66 wRC+, and -1.2 fWR over 40 games

The Number 28 in Rays Statistics

A quartet of Rays players have totaled exactly 28 HR in a season for the club with Greg Vaughn kicking things off in 2000. Jorge Cantu would be the next with 28 of his own in 2005.

Carlos Pena would finish with 28 during the 2010 season.

B.J. Upton was the last Rays player to hit exactly 28 HR, doing so in his final year with the Rays

The countdown continues tomorrow!