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19 Days Until Spring Training Begins

Scotty K’s glory days, Brandon Allen sends a ball to orbit, and Rocco Baldelli will make you cry

World Series: Tampa Bay Rays v Philadelphia Phillies, Game 5 Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

We are down to 19 days until Rays pitchers and catchers finally report to Port Charlotte.

Former Rays Players to Worn the #19

Kevin Stocker (1998-2000), Aubrey Huff (2001-2006), Scott Kazmir (2006-2009), Gabe Kapler (2010), Brandon Allen (2012), Ryan Roberts (2012-2013), Jerry Sands (2014), and Curt Casali (2015-2016).

Some Rays Moments from These Guys

Scott Kazmir’s best start from the Rays era

Brandon Allen with an absolutely unforgettable moment

Curt Casali enjoyed a home run rampage during the 2015 summer

The 19th Top Ranked Rays Player by fWAR

Rocco Baldelli - 7.5 fWAR

(2003-2008, 2010 missed all of the 2005 season)

Taken 6th overall in the 2000 draft by the Rays, Baldelli struggled his first couple of years in the system but eventually broke out and secured the major league center field job in 2003 and things were wonderful...for a year, until injuries relentlessly assaulted Baldelli throughout his career and would ultimately lead to his premature retirement at the age of 29.

During his Rays career, Baldelli slashed .280/.324/.444 with 53 HR over 457 games.

The 18th ranked player helped the Rays win the pennant and also helped net 5 prospects in a trade tree that is still growing.


Halfway through the week, check back tomorrow as the countdown continues.