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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Snell poised for a breakout?

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Happy New Year, y’all.

Not a lot of Rays news right now, but there should be a left-field shoe and maybe a starting-pitcher-trade shoe getting ready to drop eventually, so hang in there.



Here’s a trivia question about base-running. As you all can probably guess, the best base-runner (defined as the person who accumulated the most base-running value) in Rays history is Carl Crawford, followed by a bunch of other fast guys. The worst base-runner (most negative career value) is Toby Hall, followed by a bunch of other slow guys.

But what if you only looked at value from stealing bases? Slow guys don’t usually try to steal.

Who has hurt the Rays the most over their career by attempting to steal a base? Give the top five.

Hint: There are four slow guys on the list, but the #1 spot is a fast guy.

When you want to see the answer, click here.