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Deadline for Arbitration Looming

Rays have until the 13th to settle with their 11 arbitration eligible players

Tampa Bay Rays v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Spring training is just around the corner, but there is still plenty of unfinished business for the Rays this off-season. They’re likely still working on trades to plug holes on the current roster and to settle their starting pitching logjam, while also needing to strengthen their bullpen.

Meanwhile, another thing that needs to be taken care of is dealing with their 11 arbitration eligible players as the deadline to settle with these players is next Friday, January 13th.

Rays eligible for arbitration

Player Service Time Arb Yr MLBTR Projections Settled Amount Difference 2016 fWAR
Player Service Time Arb Yr MLBTR Projections Settled Amount Difference 2016 fWAR
Alex Cobb 5.061 3 $4.000 4.200 0.200 -0.1
Kevin Kiermaier 2.131 1 (S2) $2.100 2.975 0.875 3.8
Erasmo Ramirez 3.158 1 $3.500 3.125 -0.375 -0.4
Brad Boxberger 3.109 1 $1.500 -0.3
Corey Dickerson 3.101 1 $3.400 3.025 -0.375 1.5
Brad Miller 3.094 1 $3.800 3.575 -0.225 2.0
Xavier Cedeno 3.060 1 $1.200 1.300 0.100 0.9
Jake Odorizzi 3.042 1 $4.600 2.0
Danny Faquhar 2.170 1 $1.100 0.900 -0.200 -0.4
Tim Beckham 2.134 1 NA 0.855 NA 1.1
TOTAL PAYROLL FOR 2017 $55.045

The Rays will likely not have all of these players on the active roster come opening day as they’re likely trying to deal on of the arb-eligible starting pitchers (Drew Smyly, Jake Odorizzi, or Alex Cobb). Other Rays pitchers who will be getting raises are Erasmo Ramirez, Brad Boxberger, Xavier Cedeno, and Danny Farquhar.

Among the first year arb-eligible players will be Kevin Kiermaier, who is due a decent raise after two Gold Glove winning seasons in center for the Rays in which he was paid the league minimum. Tim Beckham, Corey Dickerson, and Brad Miller are the Rays other position players up for raises.

The Rays currently have just under $29 million committed to the 2017 payroll, but once the arbitration numbers are settled and finalized, the amount should be just over $67 million, which is $6 million under the payroll that was held by the team on Opening Day in 2017.