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Kevin Kiermaier spent last night bartending

The star centerfielder went from making all-star catches to mixing all-star beverages

The baseball season is over and the Tampa Bay Rays aren’t in the playoffs. After playing a schedule of roughly 180 some days, major leaguers have a hard time finding things to consume their time as they wait for next season to approach.

Some even take up part-time jobs in order to overcome their border, such was the case with Nick Franklin last off-season when he became an Uber driver.

Last night, Kevin Kiermaier, the Tampa Bay Rays star center fielder, found himself bored and decided that he wanted to spend a night out working for free as a bartender and took to social media to make his request.

Being the eager and consummate professional that he is, Kiermaier even said that he was able to start immediately, albeit that he would struggle in the drink mixing department, he could handle the simple things.

More than a couple bars around the Tampa Bay area and even beyond were happy to oblige to try and land the Platinum Glove winning center fielder. Evan Longoria’s Ducky’s chain even tossed their name into the ring, but in the end, Kiermaier chose to spend his night at the Soho Saloon.

It is unknown at this time if Kiermaier intends to make a life altering career choice between his newfound love of bartending, but perhaps the Rays will allow him to do both.

This is not Kiermaier actually bartending

So far, social media has failed us in providing any physical evidence of Kiermaier behind the stick, so for those who were fortunate enough to be served by the Outlaw last night, please provide pictures below in the comments.