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Classic 1998 Tampa Bay Devil Rays game against the Philadelphia Phillies

Including former Devil Rays stars like Wade Boggs, Fred McGriff, and... Bobby Abreu

Recently, I have been going down the YouTube rabbit hole in search of classic Tampa Bay Devil Rays footage.

It’s hard to come by, with only the most notable of regular season games from the past couple of decades getting uploaded. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays of course, were completely and utterly terrible during their first decade of existence, so they didn’t have very if any notable games.

However, some YouTube heros, like Stephen Harris, kept a collection of various games from the 1990’s (hopefully with the express written consent of major league baseball) and among them, was a contest between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays that took place during June of the Devil Rays inaugural season in 1998.

The game features the Devil Rays first knuckle baller, Dennis Springer, as he got the start for Tampa Bay. He was opposed by veteran pitcher, Mark Portugal, with the game taking place at the now demolished Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia.

Several notable stars play in the game with Wade Boggs and Fred McGriff going for the Devil Rays, the latter of which had an excellent day at the plate. Keep an eye on his first inning plate appearance and tried to make a guestimate on the exit velocity.

In the Phillies lineup was 24 year old outfielder, Bobby Abreu, the former Devil Rays, who was in the midst of an incredible first full season in the majors.

Anyway, enjoy.