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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Game 6 - Where everyone except Astros fans root for a Game 7

I never want this series to end!

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Houston Astros - Game Five Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Tonight, Justin Verlander takes the mound for Houston to try and deliver them their first ever World Series. Normally, I would say that the Astros have the edge tonight, but after Game 5, the rules of baseball, physics, and what I know are all thrown out the window.

This series has been amazing. There have been two games in this series that might just be the greatest games this sport has produced. I normally hesitate to dive into the absurd hyperbole pool headfirst, but I do believe we will remember this series, and especially Game 2 and Game 5, for a long time to come.

Watching these games now, is just giving me fuel for when I’m an old man to regale stories to my incredibly bored grandchildren. They will truly grow to despise my long winded, and overly emotional, retellings of these games in excruciating detail. They will be littered with baseball cliches AND listing of wins probability added.

The 2017 baseball season might end tonight. If the Astros win, it will be incredibly well earned. However, the offseason is long, mostly boring, and filled with not-baseball. That’s the scariest Halloween story: having to focus on things other than football, like politics and Bucs football.

We can only hope that Game 6 tonight is another wild, epic affair. It is Halloween after all, so some unexplainable weirdness is par for the course.

I have nothing against the Astros, but because I am not ready for months without baseball, I truly, selfishly, hope the Dodgers delay that for just one more day.

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