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Tampa Bay Rays have 6 draft picks in top 100

MLB awards Rays two draft picks in compensatory rounds

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MLB has released the order of the competitive draft rounds in the 2018 draft with the Tampa Bay Rays possessing six picks of the top 100, and could gain at least one more depending on how Alex Cobb’s offseason transpires.

The Rays already have the 16th selection in the draft due to their record. Next, the Rays will select at 32nd overall in the Competitive Balance Round A, for their failure to sign RHP Drew Rasmussen who was taken with the 31st selection in the 2017 draft by the rays.

The Rays will pick 55th overall in the 2nd round, and then have another selection in the Competitive Balance Round B at 72nd overall.

Their final pick in the top 100 will come at the 91st overall draft pick, giving them a total of five selections over the first three rounds of the draft (possibly one more depending on Alex Cobb, see below). Six picks in the first 100 is the most they’ve had since their historic 2011 draft when they had 12 picks in the top 100.

With Alex Cobb declining the Rays qualifying offer, they’ll gain an additional draft pick in the top 100, it’s still to be determined where exactly. If the longtime Ray signs for more than $50 million, the Rays will be rewarded with a selection just before the Competitive Balance Round A. However, if Cobb signs for less than $50 million, the Rays will receive a selection after the Competitive Balance Round B selections are made.