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Tampa Bay News and Links: 40-Man moving and shaking

Rays protect some big names, and leave 1 spot open

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The deadline for protecting prospects from the Rule 5 draft passed last night, and the Rays have filled 7 of their 8 open spots on their 40 Man Roster.

Some real easy choices in that list (Honeywell and Bauers), with Jose Mujica being a bit more of a debate. The most notable names left unprotected:

Guys like Kean Wong and Johnny Field have shown some interesting promise, same with Burch Smith and Travis Ott. Former 1st round pick Nick Ciuffo also seemed like a lock with other catcher Curt Casali being DFA’d this offseason.

Smith and Ciuffo seem like the most likely to get selected in the Rule 5 Draft. If they do, it will be unfortunate to lose guys who seem like they could play a role, however the Rule 5 Draft is often something that seems like more of a loss than it really is. The losses of Joey Rickard and Tyler Goeddel certainly were ringing alarm by some, and yet, both have shown to clearly have needed more time in the Minors.

The Rays have a deep, talented system, and as a result they will have some 40 Man crunches every year. These are tough choices, but I’d rather this than have too few worth protecting.


  • A real notable name is also on the market as a result of 40 man crunches: