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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: More discussion of stadium dollars

(not more stadium dollars)

Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays, Game 1 Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images

Rays principle owner Stuart Sternberg spoke again about the Rays’ contribution to a proposed new stadium, reiterating that they’re looking to pay $150 million of an estimated $800 million cost, but that that number could change. Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times wrote about it.

This set of comments doesn’t really contain anything new, but it is a bit more nuanced than what Sternberg has said before. Basically, he claims that that number is based on an estimate of what it would take to pay off the debt over 25 years, while also raising payroll an undisclosed amount, and that the thing that would change the amount the Rays were willing to put in would be an increase in support from the Tampa Bay business community (in the form of increased season tickets sales, I assume).

The “pay off the debt in 25 years while raising payroll” idea is intriguing, in that it’s almost calculable by outsiders. Without access to the Rays’ books, however, anything we can come up with would still be a guess.

Here’s the reminder I always put when I link to something about stadiums dollars and payrolls: Take all of this with a grain of salt. Public statements are part of a negotiation.

Also, Jeff Sullivan wrote a very good, in-depth look at Blake Snell’s changes in the second half of last season. If you want to think about baseball, and not the business of baseball, read this one.

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