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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: The winter meetings begin

winter meetings underway, Evan Longoria on trade talks, and multiple teams interested in Alex Colome

Photo courtesy of Jared Ward

The 2017 MLB winter meetings are officially underway as the top brass of each organization get together to drive reporters and fans alike insane with rumors of blockbuster trades and ridiculous contracts getting handed out popping out of every nook and cranny.

The Tampa Bay Rays are sure to be active in these rumors as the Evan Longoria trade speculation is more rampant and ever, but the Rays third baseman has made it clear he wants to stick with the Rays for his entire career but admitted that might not happen.

"I think they have made it pretty clear that they want to cut salary, so I guess that leaves me somewhere in limbo. I think I’ve been pretty up front about wanting to be in Tampa (Bay) for my whole career, but I realize that my window is getting smaller to win a championship.

"If they decide to rebuild completely and give everyone up, then I suppose my family and I will adjust.’’


He has two plus-plus pitches: An electric fastball that sits in the 93-95 mph range and hits 97, plus a hard slider that he throws at different speeds. He shows an excellent feel for his changeup. He is a superb athlete with an easy delivery, superior arm quickness and strong leg drive.

The team focused on speeding up his delivery in instructional league. He has been so successful that he has little experience dealing with baserunners. His small frame is the only concern raised by scouts, but he has been durable and injury-free so far.

Hint: He was named the 2nd best prospect in his organization following the 2003 season