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Rays sign international free agent Jelfry Marte; acquire $1 million from Seattle

The Rays make another big addition in international free agency.

MLB: Winter Meetings
Kevin Cash probably had very little to do with this addition
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Update 2: The Rays have acquired $1 million from the Mariners, which is enough money to sign another prospect in this window, should they make a match.

The Rays should have approx. $600,000 remaining in this window, and there are plenty of fish left in the sea.


Update: The Rays have indeed acquired international money, from the Seattle Mariners:

Misiewicz was acquired from Seattle earlier in 2017 as part of the Ryan Garton trade. His return to the Mariners system will not impact the Rays top prospect lists.


Tampa Bay may have been eliminated from the Shohei Ohtani sweepstakes earlier than it would have liked, but the Japanese star was not the only talented player available on the market. The Rays signed international free agent shortstop Jelfry Marte, according to’s Jesse Sanchez.

Marte was originally signed by Minnesota on July 2 for $3 million. However, the Twins voided the agreement in November due to a vision issue.

The 16-year-old Dominican shortstop was ranked as the No. 13 international player available in the 2017 signing period by Baseball America ($). According to BA’s report, he’s a true shortstop with speed and baserunning acumen. Whether the switch hitter makes an impact at the plate is the question.

Marte will be getting around $800,000 from the Rays, according to Star Tribune Twins writer LaVelle Neal, meaning the team will need to acquire approximately $400,000 from another team to complete the deal.

In recent years, the Rays have not been afraid to aggressively pursue high-priced international talent.

In Marte’s class, the Rays added BA’s No. 1 player, shortstop Wander Franco, for $3.85 million. Other recent players that have received seven-figure bonuses include pitchers Jose Mujica and Jose Castillo, infielder Adrian Rondon, and trade acquisition Lucius Fox, who was signed by the Giants before being included in the 2016 trade for Matt Moore.