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Tampa Bay Rays News and Links: Alex Colome follows St Louis Cardinals instagram account

Colome follows Cardinals accounts, Rays make another trade with more to come, lots of former Rays things going on

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MLB: Oakland Athletics at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The winter meetings are in full force, meaning nothing is actually happening, just a lot of talk about what ifs and could haves and might be’s going on.

The Tampa Bay Rays have actually been one of the most active teams as they have made two trades already and are likely progressing towards a third trade in which they’ll acquire international spending money in order to sign Jelfry Marte.

However, the Rays are still looking to make moves and the most popular name of the meetings for them has been RHP Alex Colome, the team’s All-Star closer. Teams like the St Louis Cardinals and Colorado Rockies have been the most heavily linked to El Caballo and things almost reached a boiling point last night when it was shown that Colome had started to follow several St Louis Cardinals accounts on Instagram, leading to widespread speculation that a deal was in the works.

This was posted at 10pm, leading to a night full of people constantly refreshing their twitter for updates on the trade that looked to be done.

Until early this morning, word came straight from the horse’s mouth.

Now, Alex Colome could be just trolling everyone, or the Rays could have told him to keep everything hush-hush until things were official.

Onto other things...