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How the Marcell Ozuna trade impacts the Rays talks with Cardinals

Cardinals’ acquisition of Ozuna could helps Rays’ leverage

Miami Marlins v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

ORLANDO — The Cardinals have just acquired the Marlins’ OF Marcell Ozuna per Craig Mish:

The St. Louis Cardinals have around 8 right-handed outfielders, and Danny Russell outlined the ones the Rays’ could be interested in. With the Ozuna trade, the Cardinals now have nine right-handed outfielders, and will surely be looking to unload those bats to another team. Could that team be the Rays?

Possibly, it all depends on what the return is for the Marlins, who according to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, are looking for pitching.

Joel Sherman is reporting something similar, only naming Harrison Bader of the trade targets we highlighted this morning.

If Flaherty or Alcantara are the headliners, and there isn’t a couple RHH OF inviolved, then it looks more likely than ever at least one of those right handed bats are going to be in Rays’ uniforms next year.

Say Bader has been included. Even with dealing one OF, the Cards still have 8 other RHB that will have difficulty finding playing time in St. Louis.

Additionally, the Cardinals did make an interesting move earlier today:

Is this insurance in case Carson Kelly gets traded to the Rays? Or just catching depth? It all depends on the Marlins’ return for Ozuna.

Things are heating up here in Orlando! Stay tuned!