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Rays minor leaguers respond to MiLB’s misguided statements

It would be funny if it wasn’t so true

Recently in an interview with Baseball America, Pat O’Conner, the president of Minor League Baseball, had a few very quotable things to say about player salary.

Chief among them, after sneeringly suggestin “I don’t think minor league baseball is a career choice for a player” — like they have a choice — he went on to add:

“I do think that it’s time for an adjustment in salary, but the issue of putting them into an FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act)-protected position where they’re entitled to minimum wage and overtime is complicated.”

Minimum wage payment should not be complicated.

Rays minor league sensations Brent Honeywell and Jake Bauers had a thing or two to add to these ridiculous statements.

Bauers and Honeywell may be laughing, but the truth of the matter is, for most minor leaguers they are earning well below a minimum living wage, they live away from their families, have very little support, and don’t have much say at all in when they’ll be called up to the majors and finally start earning the major league minimum salary.

For the president of Minor League Baseball to suggest these players don’t even deserve minimum wage is an insult.