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Show your love for Evan Longoria with this custom “Thanks Longo” t-shirt

Buy this shirt and say thanks to the greatest player in Tampa Bay Rays history

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Evan Longoria’s ten year career as the best player in franchise history has come to an end. For many of us, the feelings that come to mind are shock and nostalgia, but mixed in with those there is appreciation.

Longo, the best we can do is say, “Thank You.”

Thank you for all the memories you gave us, for committing to the Rays twice with long-term contracts, for your investments into this community, and for delivering one of the greatest moments in franchise history with your Game 162 walk off home run.

In order to help the Rays community say “Thank You,” we’ve partnered with BreakingT and the Major League Baseball Players Association to create this custom t-shirt for Rays fans.

We could think of no greater moment to encapsulate our thanks than Longoria rounding first base with his arms stretched to the sky.

Get your Evan Longoria - “Thank Longo” t-shirt here from BreakingT

You can also show your appreciation by joining the Rays in tweeting #ThanksLongo.

The wounds of this trade may never heal, but we’ll always have the memories.

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