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Tampa Bay Rays Trivia Thursday! Most HR by a Catcher

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Can you remember the catchers who have homered for the Rays?

Florida Marlins vs Tampa Bay Devil Rays - June 25, 2004 Photo by A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Stealing an idea from Lookout Landing, they do something called Sporcle Fridays.

That’s something I’d like to bring over to Draysbay to test the knowledge of the community, and see just how many of you know useless knowledge about the Tampa Bay Rays.

To kick things off we’ll see who remembers the catchers of the team’s 19 year history and which of them homered. Looking through the illustrious list, number 10 comes in with just 7 HR, so there weren’t that many long balls needed to crack the countdown.

Some Rays catching tidbits

  • The Rays have had 32 players behind the plate over their history, so the list below represents 31% of the team’s catchers
  • Robert Fick and Tim Laker have caught in the fewest games for the Rays, with one apiece, while Toby Hall has caught over 100 games more than the second player

Enjoy the trivia.

Some on the list are easy and some...aren’t. Some will make your question when they ever made contact, let alone hit a ball out of the park. Some will make you wonder how they’re not higher up on the list. At any rate, you will have ponder, unless you’re no good dirty cheat who decides to look it up.