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AskDRB: I’ll trade you a Brick and a Wood for one Wieters

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Where Settler’s of Catan and Baseball combine!

Baltimore Orioles v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

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Опубліковано DRaysBay 17 лютого 2017 р.


  • Are the Rays seriously in on Matt Wieters?
  • Is the interest in Wieters a sign that Wilson Ramos’ injury more serious than we think?
  • Should the Rays hold steady on their price for Wieters, or should they bid higher to try and secure his signing?
  • Could Neil Wagner be a factor in 2017 as an extra vet bullpen option?
  • What should we expect from Tommy Hunter?
  • Which signing or trade will have the most impact in 2017 for the Rays?
  • What should we expect from Jose De Leon in 2017?
  • Thoughts/ramblings on Colby Rasmus
  • What does Kevin Cash see in Dana Eveland?
  • Can Johnny Field make a case as a 4th outfield option?
  • Of the young pitching corps of De Leon, Honeywell, Shultz, Stanek, and Hu: which will have the biggest impact for the Rays in 2017?
  • Favorite resource in Settlers of Catan?
  • Can we expect Jake Bauers and Willy Adames to make their major league debut in 2017?
  • Who is the Catcher of the future?
  • What is the most glaring hole on the 2017 Tampa Bay Rays?