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Quality FanPosts from February

MLB: Spring Training-Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Now that I’m back from the U.K., some overdue love needs doled out to some FanPosts I otherwise would have pushed to the front page last month. Here’s my top-five, but in no particular order:

What will be Chris Archer's overall rating in MLB 17: The Show?

By e.zinger on Feb 17, 2017

VIDEO GAME POST. This is an interesting question for a game I haven’t yet had a lot of exposure to, but reading here encourages me — maybe I should be playing!

Which Rays to Draft in Fantasy and Which Rays to Avoid

By Jim_Turvey on Feb 19, 2017

There are six draftable Rays players this season, and Jim makes his case for them in this FanPost that could be helpful in you have the same weakness I do for drafting at least one Rays player every season.

Best Seasons by Age in Rays' History

By Jim_Turvey on Feb 22, 2017

If you read one of these FanPosts, might I recommend this one? It’s a fun look at the team’s history, from young Melvin to the aging punchlines we’ve fielded.

Just How Helpful Would Matt Wieters Be?

By Gillmer on Feb 18, 2017

In all fairness, I’m acknowledging I missed out on the timely opportunity of sharing this write up, and in the comment section JT responds well to missing elements, but I think this was a reasonable case for Wieters. The return of Ramos’s bat is not the same as the return of his defense as a proven major league asset. Wieters could have filled a void with less risk.

The other x-factor this article doesn’t consider is that Jesus Sucre is the second coming of Jose Molina, but that’s a different article...

Former Rays Feelings Guide

By Gillmer on Feb 17, 2017

All the feels, an opinionated take, I agree with HittsRays in the comments.