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Tampa Bay Rays Trivia Thursday - Most HR by Rays Third Basemen

One really easy answer and ten not so easy answers

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

We are back with another edition of T-BuRST (Tampa Bay Rays Sporcle Trivia), and this time, we’re going to the hot corner as Opening Day inches ever closer.

Just look how low the countdown is getting!

The Rays have had some tremendous third baseman throughout their history.

The Rays have also had some less than tremendous third baseman through their history.

Most of them (tremendous or not) have homered while playing at the hot corner for the Rays.

Anyway, the object of today’s quiz will be to name the top 11 home-run hitting third baseman in franchise history...psst, the name at the top of the list is very, very easy.

Some Rays Third Basemen Tidbits

  • Since the team’s inception in 1998, their third basemen have combined to slash .264/.329/.433 with 402 HR over 3,076 games
  • Rankings in MLB since 1998 - HR (13th) - H (16th) - Doubles (11th) - Triples (16th) - RBI (15th) - Strikeouts (3rd most) - AVG (16th) - OBP (17th) - SLG (11th) - IBB (5th most)
  • One player is responsible for over 56% of the team’s HR by third baseman (227/402), pretty easy to guess who.

That wraps up this week’s edition, unfortunately, there won’t be any trivia next week but come back on March 30th for the last edition before Opening Day!