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Tampa Bay Rays Trivia Thursday - Most Homeruns by a Rays Second Baseman

Can you remember the top HR hitting second basemen in Rays history?

World Series: Philadelphia Phillies v Tampa Bay Rays, Game 2 Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Another week gone and another week closer to Opening Day which is only however many days the countdown below says it is.

Anyway, welcome back to another edition of Tampa Bay Rays Sporcle Trivia! or TBRST for short.

Over the past two weeks, these quizzes have been taken 339 times with only 8 of those getting a perfect score, try to do better!

Shame on you all for forgetting the likes of Eduardo Perez, Shawn Riggans, and even Steve Cox!

Last week we did first basemen, the week before we did catchers, so let’s just keep working our way across the diamond and move over to players to have played second base for the Tampa Bay Rays over the past 19 years.

Good luck!

Some tidbits on Rays second basemen

  • The Rays have had 53 players man second base for them over their history, an average of just under three per season.
  • Collectively, those 53 players have combined to hit .258/.322/.389 with 255 HR over 3076 games
  • One player nearly represents 1/5 of all the games played at second base for the Rays

That’s it for this week’s trivia, remember to let us know how you did in the comments!