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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Paragraphs are overrated

Also, the Rays and Phillies played to a tie.

Philadelphia Phillies v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Over in the Tampa Bay Times, Martin Fennelly wrote that the Rays pitching staff is overrated.

Until they prove that they’re for real.


It really depends how you think people are rating them.

But there are plenty of question marks in the rotation, so let’s say Fennelly has a point.

But let’s talk about paragraph breaks.

I know we write for mobile these days, but this is ridiculous.

Cool it, Fennelly.

Not every line can be a zinger.

Thank goodness for Alex Cobb. At least the quotes he gave forced Fennelly to group more than one sentence together.

There was also a spring training game, where the Rays tied the Phillies 5-5. Steve Kinsella put up a recap, complete with video cut together of Kevin Cash praising Tim Beckham’s outfield defense while Bex fails to make a (admittedly tough) play in left field, turning a carom off the wall into a triple.

The Rays Radio recap has audio from many of the players, including Beckham on that play.

The beat reporters REALLY wanted him to make an excuse. Beckham declined.


  • Big news from the Rays camp.