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Tampa Bay Rays Trivia Thursday - Most homeruns by a Rays left fielder

One obvious choice and nine not so obvious ones

Toronto Blue Jays vs Tampa Bay Devil Rays - August 15, 2006 Photo by A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Tampa Bay Rays Sporcle Trivia is back with another week of fun trivia.

Over the past few weeks, we have completed the Rays entire infield, starting behind the plate and working our way around the bases to third base.

Some of the answers have been incredibly easy, while others have been ridiculously hard to remember. Today will have a mixture of both as we move into the outfield, starting in left field.

The top player on this list should be answered by 100% of you. He is the team’s leader at the position in every single counting stat and it’s not close.

Some numbers of Rays left fielders

  • The Rays have sent 85 players over to left field over the franchise’s history, an average of over four a season
  • As a whole, the team’s LF have collectively slashed .273/.335/.424 with 322 HR over 3,076 games
  • Their MLB rankings are as follows: HR - 28th, Runs - 12th, Hits - 10th, Doubles - 30th, Triples - 1st, RBI - 26th, SB - 1st, Walks - 26th, Strikeouts - 18th, AVG - 12th, OBP - 19th, SLG - 21st

That’s it for this week’s trivia session, let us know how you did in the comments and we’ll be back next week as we’ll turn out attention to the Rays in center field.