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Tampa Bay Rays Trivia Thursday - Most Career HR by a Rays Short Stop

We flip to the other side of the diamond to remember some slugging Rays short stops

Rey Ordonez turns a double play Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

We are back with yet another exciting week of Tampa Bay Rays Sporcle Trivia (TBRST).

Over the past three weeks, we have covered three defensive positions for the Rays (catcher, first base, and second base) with the quizzes seemingly getting tougher each time. In fact, only two quiz takers were able to answer all of the second basemen correctly last week.

The least guessed answer so far was Eduardo Perez as only 12% of quiz takers were able to get him, the easiest has been Carlos Pena who came away with 99%.

Catcher Quiz - First Baseman Quiz - Second Baseman Quiz

Some tidbits on Rays second basemen

  • Since the team’s inaugural season, second basemen have slashed .264/.324/.390 with 216 HR over 3,076 games
  • MLB Rankings: AVG - 16th, OBP - 9th, SLG - 15th, Hits - 28th, SB - 18th, HR - 20th
  • The Rays have had 50 players take in a game at short, an average of just under three per season. Of those players, 11 of them only played one game at short (including Evan Longoria and Logan Forsythe).

Post your scores below, but please no spoilers!

Tampa Bay Rays Sporcle Trivia will return next week as we continue to march across the diamond to to third base.