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The DRaysBay Game Ball Award Series Primer

A game ball to the MVP for every win.

a bunch of baseballs.

This season we’re starting something new and fun here at DRB.

The concept is simple. For every game the Rays win, there will be an “MVP of the game” vote on twitter. The player with the most votes gets a “game ball” for that day.

The tally will add up throughout the season. At the end of the season, whoever has the most game balls wins a.... larger game ball? That can be up for debate.

The voting will be poll style via the DRB twitter account after every win. There will be short descriptions of the top performers for that game to give everyone an idea of who did well compared to that game environment.

Often times the numbers don’t tell the full story, so if you think someone else deserves voting consideration please comment or tweet to write him in. Someone that comes to mind in this regard may be Kevin Kiermaier. He might have wore the wheels off in the outfield and saved multiple runs but went 0-4 at the plate in a low scoring game. Maybe he’s the MVP even though the traditional numbers at the plate don’t show it.

It’s entirely up to you to decide who gets your vote.

At the end of each week we will post an article to recap the MVP votes throughout that week along with the tally on the year for game balls awarded to each player.

Opening Day is here so we’ll be kicking this series off soon!