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Rays holiday uniforms for 2017 unveiled

MLB has released the 2017 holiday uniforms, and boy are they a doozy. Camouflage is downplayed to just the brim of the caps, which are mostly heathered, socks are crazy colors, and the Miami All-Star Game uniforms are more overwhelming the longer you look at them.

Let’s dive in.

The Rays are on the road for all four marked holidays this year.

Mother’s Day

That might be the best pink hat I’ve seen.

Memorial Day

I preferred the USMC camouflage, but not on socks, so it’s an interesting switch.

Father’s Day

Here’s a detailed look at the heathering on the hat:

Independence Day

Here’s a better look at the power-rangers-revamp-style logo’s

Home Run Derby

All Star Game

The full collection of images is available on