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Corey Dickerson just robbed a Home Run, grinning ear to ear

Corey Dickerson came into spring training wanting to play more outfield in 2017. He dropped over 20 pounds during the off-season and made it a point to wear his glove every inning. He dazzled and impressed during the spring, but ultimately was relegated to the DH role, where he has thrived on the offensive side of things.

Today, against the Kansas City Royals, however, Dickerson found himself in an odd situation, starting against a left-handed pitcher and slated as the starting left fielder.

So what does Corey Dickerson do with this opportunity?


Dickerson went full on into the low left field wall, cut low for Carl Crawford to rob homers during his days manning the corner. Dickerson stretched his glove as far as it would go and brought back a line drive that would have been a solo home run.

Once Dickerson knew he had made the catch, he darted back towards the field of play with a smile so big that would make you think he was back in his little league days.

It was a tremendous play, here’s the full video

Tampa Bay Times photographer extraordinaire, Will Vragovic captured the exact moment Dickerson made the catch

Known for his speed but not his arm, later in the second inning, Dickerson gunned a single to his cutoff man that should have been a double. There’s something in the water. Dickerson’s defense is on fire today.