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Rays send Blake Snell to Durham and place 6 on Baseball America's Top 100 on this week's Hit Show

Go Rays!
The Hit Show!

Danny and Darby discuss the recent demotion of Blake Snell to Durham and discuss what means for the young lefty. [5:46]

Ryne Stanek was promoted from AAA and got to see some action this week. [13:50]

Kevin Kiermaier is quite good, according to Red Sox fans... [23:09]

Steven Souza Jr might be reaping the benefits of marriage and becoming a father. [30:26]

We are very glad to have Logan Morrisson with the Rays this year. [31:02]

Corey Dickerson is looking like the player we saw in Colorado again! [31:52]

BIG NEWS: The Rays have 6 players in the Baseball America Top 100 Prospects [34:12] including:

Willy Adames [34:47]

Brent Honeywell [42:55]

Jose De Leon [48:24]

Jake Bauers [55:36]

Casey Gillespie [55:36]

Jesus Sanchez [61:34]

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