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Terry Francona continues to mercilessly roast Kevin Cash

Terry Francona likes to poke fun at his former bullpen coach, and current Rays manager, Kevin Cash.

Francona likes to do this, in a very public way, like displaying things about Cash on the jumbotron at Progressive Field.

Francona started things out innocently enough with gentle poke at Cash’s intelligence but also at his own. He even follows that up with a wonderful compliment, so that’s nice.

However, the following year, Francona just dropped a stone cold hammer on his former roommate (who was pretty terrible on the offensive side of things during his career).

Francona decided that he needed to make sure Cash got the memo that he wasn’t good at the plate though, so Francona had the crew at Progressive Field display his numbers on the scoreboard to make sure Cash’s eye had to see his life’s work.

Even when the Indians proceeded to the World Series, he needed to make sure he got to shine a spotlight on Cash’s shortcomings when discussing Brandon Guyer, whom they acquired from the Rays at the trade deadline in 2016.

As long as Terry Francona has a platform to roast Kevin Cash, he’ll take every single opportunity to do so. It has become so expected now, that he is asked about it prior to each series between the two clubs, like the one beginning tonight.

Francona didn’t disappoint as he again went to his trusty Progressive Field crew to deliver a message to the Rays skipper.