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Just more poof Corey Dickerson should be in the All-Star Game

Corey Dickerson is literally hitting the rosin off the baseball.

Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians

It’s May 17th, and Corey Dickerson is an All-Star.

After last night’s two-home run showing, he’s vaulted into the top-five batters for the American League with 1.7 WAR, as a LF/DH no less, and among All-Star vote getters for DH, he leads nearly every category:

Corey Dickerson is so good right now. He’s literally destroying baseballs.

Case and point? Nothing may give me as much glee this season as one highlight in particular: Corey Dickerson crushing a baseball so hard, the rosin was left behind in a puff of smoke. Look at this tater.

Did you see it?

This isn’t Little League, those baseball’s are fresh. The only substance plausibly on that ball is rosin or whatever is inside of it.

We didn’t get to see what that baseball looked like when it landed, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the cover was torn clear off. He smoked it, right over the trees in deep center field that make up the batter’s eye in Cleveland.


Here’s Statcast’s breakdown of the mammoth home run:

For those on mobile unable to see the video, you can follow the link here.

Corey Dickerson trails only Nelson Cruz in home runs by a DH this season, 8 to 10, but otherwise leads Cruz in every category. There is no one destroying baseballs like Corey Dickerson this season.

Get this man into the All-Star Game!