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Brad Miller has been told to stop using his pink bat

Following Mother’s Day, using pink gear is now unacceptable

Over Mother’s Day weekend, players from around the league donned special pink uniforms, as well as pink bats and gloves. Once the weekend was over however, MLB told teams to put away all of their pink items...Brad Miller didn’t get that memo.

During Monday’s game against the Cleveland Indians, Brad Miller came to the plate wielding his pink Louisville slugger. Miller chose to go the plate with the bat because he had grown comfortable with it, despite going just 1 of 11 during the Boston series.

Miller did much better Monday night as he went 3-5 on the night, including the RBI single below, by finally syncing up the timing of his swing (an issue that’s plagued him all season).

However, following the game, Miller received an email from MLB telling him that he had to stop using the bat, as they had only been cleared for the weekend games prior.

MLB has several promotions coming around involving holidays — with Memorial Day just around the corner — in which every team will again wear special commemorative uniforms and gear to celebrate the day. Other holidays that MLB will celebrate this year will be Father’s Day and Independence Day.

Also of note on Brad Miller, he actually tweaked something in his abdomen which has sidelined him since Monday night’s game, making him unable to use the pink bat on Tuesday. The Rays are off tomorrow, so he’ll have three day to recuperate before the Rays return home on Friday to take on the Yankees.

How much of a fine is it to continue swinging pink? If he can go 3-for-5 it might be worth it.