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Yay, good Kevin Kiermaier is back

In truth he never left

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Cleveland Indians Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, we said that we needed to talk about Kevin...

He had just suffered some awful defensive lapses that a player of his defensive caliber should not make. He was Kevin Kiermaier after all.

Now Kiermaier has moved on and made last week seem like a distant memory. He put an exclamation on that as he ended today’s game against the Indians in traditional Kevin Kiermaier fashion.

Jason Kipnis was facing Alex Colome with two outs in the 9th inning of a three run game. The count was 1-0, and with the next pitch, Kipnis lofted a flyball to deep straightaway center field. The wind had been blowing out all day and had already assisted four balls out of the park. Mother Nature looked well on the way to pushing another one out.

However, Kevin Kiermaier had different plans for the ball as he tracked it to the wall in center field. He carefully paced his steps on the track as the ball reached its arc and began its descent. Then at the perfect moment, Kiermaier leaped and pulled the ball back from the other side of the fence to rob Kipnis of a homerun and ended the game.

It’s not in the (above) video clip, but if you saw the game you also so the huge smile on Kiermaier’s face as he celebrated with Souza and Bourjos.

I’m sorry Kevin, for ever doubting your abilities.