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Tampa Bay Rays news and links: Kiermaier stealing Souza’s spotlight?

Buster Posey is not pleased.

Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Yesterday, Steven Souza Jr. made a fine play in right field to charge a short line drive and throw out Mike Trout at the plate to end the inning.

Then the Angels broadcast cut to a closeup of center fielder Kevin Kiermaier trotting back to the dugout.

I mean, did they just assume that any good outfield play was Kevin Kiermaier? Doing that would make a broadcast right more often than not. I guess in a game where failing two out of three times counts as success . . .

According to StatCast, Souza’s throw clocked in at 97 mph, his hardest yet tracked.


  • Rays Radio has interviews from the locker room with Matt Andriese, Steven Souza, Colby Rasmus, and Kevin Cash. Favorite part:

Reporter: You’re 5-1 now. Would you have thought that?

Andriese: You know, win loss record is, in the whole scheme of things it’s kind of irrelevant, but uh, it looks good, five wins.

  • Just give it up, guys. Please. There’s a dumb question in the Souza interview, too: “Do you like how Colby’s swinging the bat?”
  • And in the Colby Rasmus interview:

Reporter: Do you feel yourself coming out of it a little bit?

Rasmus: Coming out of what?

And later on.

Rasmus: This is a good fastball hitting team. When guys spot up breaking balls and then mix it up on us pretty good, that’s when we have our troubles. We’re, a good fastball hitting team, and they know that. Like I said, there’s enough smart folks, and all these computers and things that they’ve got nowadays, so they know what’s going on.