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Steven Souza dives for ball 20 feet away

Spoiler alert, he didn’t catch it

MLB: Miami Marlins at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Steven Souza just forever embodied himself in .gif history.

During tonight’s game against the Minnesota Twins in the 7th inning, a looping line drive to shallow right-center field dropped between Kevin Kiermaier and Steven Souza Jr. Chris Archer had pitch a brilliant game up to this point. Close to seven shutout innings, only a couple of hits, and no walks.

Steven Souza Jr wanted Chris Archer to keep his shutout going, so he did everything in his power to catch the ball...despite it landing 20 feet in front of him.

A run scored on the single, but should really be an unearned run due to that being a catch that Souza thinks he should have made.

It was all in good fun though as he shared a laugh with Kevin Kiermaier and the rest of his teammates as he returned to the dugout following the inning.

Steven Souza quickly reminded everyone he was more than just an outfielder who makes the occasional bad judgement decision. During Souza’s next plate appearance, he was met with a decent smattering of applause following the diving attempt. He greeted the chorus of cheers with a blast that went 435 feet.

To his credit, Souza Jr had some fun with the blooper-reel highlight.

Our own Dan Slaubaugh was at the game and found out exactly what was going through Souza’s head

Thank you Steven Souza Jr, you keep doing you.