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The Rays helped name a kitten tonight

No, it wasn’t “Take Meowt to the Ball Game.”

San Francisco Giants v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

There are two things Rays fans all know for certain: the Rays social media team is always on the ball, and Tampa Bay knows a thing or two about cool cats. (I promise this won’t JUST be cat puns)

So, when a Twins fan took to Twitter suggesting he would name his new kitten after the first Twins player to get an extra base hit, the Rays’ Twitter account was quick to offer a proposal.

Who is going to turn down that kind of a deal? No one. This cat needed a name, after all, and it was up to baseball Twitter to come up with one.

Casey Hauan, the intrepid name-outsourcing-cat-owner who was the mastermind behind this whole plot upped the ante to favor the odds for his preferred team.

The Rays, naturally, aren’t going to back down from a challenge.

Hanging in the balance was the lifelong moniker of this adorable, furry Player to be Named Later.

(all together now: awwwwwww)

If you paid attention to tonight’s game, you already know which team took the early extra-base lead.

The Rays had won the bet, and cat-owner Casey wasn’t going to back down on an agreement.

The Rays, of course, know a little something about naming cats.

Congrats to Casey and DJ. And a little bonus love to Logan Morrison and Kevin Kiermaier who played an integral part in winning the bet.