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Cash Considerations: We need to talk about that Minnesota marathon

Was all that really necessary?

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I’m just gonna skip mostly over the first two games of this series. They were inoffensively managed for the most part. I didn’t really care for how long he left Archer in for the opener, and he could have used the bench a little better in the second game, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

But we need to talk about yesterday.

May 27: Rays 8, Twins 6

I mean, I know we won? What the bloody hell was that?

Starting Michael Martinez

Stop it.

Verdict: Just stahp.

Seriously, about starting Martinez...

Kevin, I know you have a weird fetish about bad ballplayers. And I understand. I imagine you see MMart is a kindred spirit of sorts. The brotherhood of the terrible players. But this is ridiculous. We’re approaching Eveland territory here.

If Longoria needs a day off, or a sort-of-day-off when he DHs, okay. Fine. I still hate it, but we do what we have to do. But Daniel Robertson is 23. DRob is playing some slick, sick defense. He does not need a day off so you can start your soulmate, Michael Martinez.

And look at it this way: Every time you start MMart, you are putting more bullets in the gun of future Indians manager Logan Morrison with which he will Tito future Rays manager Martinez on the 2023 Cleveland road trip. Do you really want to be responsible for that?

Verdict: You’re embarrassing yourself and future Michael Martinez

Not Pinch Hitting for Michael Martinez

I sense a theme developing...

There were 35 runners left on base yesterday. 34 of them were left on by Martinez. (probably).

This was even more bizarre than starting him in the first place. Three times, Martinez came up with the leverage index over two. Two of those times, it was over three. Yet he was allowed to “hit” all three times.

The biggest miss came with two outs and the game tied at three in the eighth. The Rays put runners on first and third. Martinez was allowed to hit against lefty Taylor Rogers, with Robertson available. He flew out to right.

But there was another shot in the twelfth, after Beckham reached on an error with one out. Martinez was allowed to bat against righty Matt Belisle. He struck out.

He tallied eight plate appearances during that ordeal yesterday. He reached base once, on a walk. He stuck out three times.

Verdict: Whatever DRob did to you, we are all very sorry please forgive him

Pinch Hitting Weeks for Rasmus

Steven Souza Jr. singled against Tyler Rogers with one out in the eighth. Cash tabbed Weeks, who lined out to second.

This move was actually fine. The only thing that makes it bizarre is it happened two batters before the Martinez at bat in the eighth.

Verdict: If you pinch hit here, why not there?

Ryan Garton in the 7th

Kevin. I know you were in a bit of a spot when Whitley didn’t get the two innings you were probably planning. But Ryan Garton? In high leverage? I thought we agreed that, for better or worse, that was gonna be Stanek?

Look, Garton is fine for what he is. But what he is is not a shutdown late inning reliever. And it’s really weird to me that you committed to Ryne Stanek up until the other day, when he actually looked really good doing the job against the Angels, but now you hand his spot to Garton.

Yes, I know your hands were a little tied by not having Alvarado available. And I do realize that when Stanek finally got in, he got hit around a bit. But still...

Verdict: I’m confused

Using Farquhar

This was actually really good. At first I hated it, because the initial matchup was against Dozier. But following Dozier was a switch / left / switch matchup, so it was a pretty solid time to get him in.

The intentional walks to Mauer and Kepler were also solid choices, as well as the bases loaded matchup against a pinch hitting Sano. Sano has dangerous power (which is irrelevant in this situation) and insane BABIP, but he’s also striking out almost 40% of the time.

So, sure. There was a decent chance we lost this game 9-5 after that at bat. But there’s a better chance we play more free baseball.

Verdict: This was a good roll of the dice

Ramirez for the save

I don’t want to give Cash too much credit for this one. First, it’s not like he had a lot of choices left. Second, I’d bet that Erasmo did quite a bit of lobbying. But still. I’m willing to bet that most managers use Alvarado here, even though he had thrown a lot recently and was supposed to have the day off. So, good job.

Verdict: Golf clap.

Wrap Up

Bottom line, winning in 15 innings is waaaaaaaaay better than losing in 15. But holy cow. A lot of this just seemed totally unnecessary.

Anyway, on to Texas, where ... I’m sorry, what? Erasmo is still scheduled to start tonight?

/looks up facepalm gifs for next Cash Considerations