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The Boston Red Sox want everything to be about them

Because the Red Sox would never slide dirty...

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

The Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles are about to face off tonight in with tensions reaching a boiling point between the two clubs. It all started two weeks ago due to an aggressive slide from Manny Machado as he took out longtime Red Sox second baseman, Dustin Pedroia, with a knick on the caff with his spikes.

Machado popped up, and immediately grabbed the player and offered an apology.

Pedroia would have to leave the game due the incident, which would start a chain reaction of events with Manny Machado being targeted multiple times by Red Sox pitchers.

This culminated in last night’s game, where Chris Sale nailed Machado with an errant pitch. Machado would get some revenge and, admittedly, egged them on by homering out of Fenway and taking a trot, but followed with choice words that essentially leveled a threat of murder on Chris Sale:

Let’s not forget the context, where just a night before Adam Jones fell victim to racial slurs coming from the Fenway Faithful, along with peanuts thrown onto the field.

But Boston would rather move on from that, and remember Machado’s rather normal slide into second base, and consequently take aim, trying to injure the player.

Incredibly, the Red Sox are trying to play the victims here...after all they’ve never had the audacity to take on a middle infielder covering second base.

(they totally have)

We all know what happened after this.

Akinori Iwamura’s career would eventually be prematurely shortened due to another rough slide at second base, surprisingly not done by a Red Sox player, but just as reckless.

But it’s not all about the slide! The Boston Red Sox have never had a player pimp a home run and slowly trot the bases

(again, they totally have)

That trot took more than 30 seconds alone.

Self righteousness doesn’t wear well on a baseball jersey, particularly one game removed from your own fans hurling racial slurs.

Go get them Baltimore, hopefully Manny Machado has a career night.