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Forget the All-Star Game, Corey Dickerson is an MVP candidate

Corey Dickerson is out of his mind.

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Texas Rangers Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, yes, I know, the Rays lost last night. It was tough, they blew a three run lead, the bullpen is tired, yada yada. But, did you see this?

That...that’s not supposed to happen.

And while, no, he’s not doing that every day, he is doing crazy good stuff every day.

And not always with the bat:

Even the man himself is having trouble believing how good things are going.

Dickerson is now hitting .346 / .390 / .615. He has a .420 wOBA (duuuude) and a 172 wRC+. His 2.4 fWAR places him 4th in the American League, despite the fact that he spends a lot of time at Designated Hitter.

So, with the news that Mike Trout is hitting the disabled list for the first time in his career, is Corey Dickerson an MVP candidate?

Aaron Judge is of course the sexy pick. He’s a giant and he hits monster home runs. He also benefits from playing in the center of the universe. He even gets on the front page of out of town newspapers for some reason.

But has Aaron Judge ever done this?

That’s some Vlad Guerrero nonsense! Judge can have rookie of the year and be happy with that.

Corey Dickerson is on another level this season, and if he keeps it up all year, there will be few players standing in his way.