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TB 5, MIA 1: Citrus Series Champs

Tim Beckham goes yard x2 & Andriese deals a gem.

Miami Marlins v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Matt Andriese took to the hill to try and deliver the Rays a series win against the soon to be Jeter and Jeb! run Marlins.

Miami Marlins v Tampa Bay Rays
Fun Fact: Matt Andriese never changes this face.
Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Matt Andriese certainly isn’t the most exciting Rays pitcher, but he’s done solid work in his Rays career, no matter what he’s been asked. Normally, the Rays are asking him to keep the Rays in the game, and eat up some innings.

Well, Matt devoured those innings and cruised comfortably for most of the game.

Andriese navigated the few minor threats the Marlins were able to mount, thanks to some nicely mixed pitches and some defensive help behind him. Of special note, was this slick, near triple play started by Daniel Robertson at 3B.

Andriese finished the game with 8 Ks (including two against Christian Yelich) and finished with a gamescore of 74. Not bad for the often overlooked 5th starter.

The Tim Beckham Weekly Power Hour

The Rays offense would get plenty of chances against Marlins starter Dan Straily, who walked the world (or 5 batters, whichever is more). However, Straily would navigate some rocky asteroid fields and somehow escaped unscathed. That is, except for one guy.

That guy was Tim Beckham, and he had himself a night. Actually, that undersells it: Tim Beckham was the offense for the Rays.

He got the scoring started in 2nd. After a Brad Miller walk, Straily would throw a high fastball on an 0-2 count. T-Bex would do this to that pitch:

Straily would struggle with command all night, but the Rays were able to let him wriggle of the hook (get it, because he’s a Marlin!). However, Beckham tonight was a great fisherman. Our very own Santiago. And in the 4th, Beckham would make Straily pay for another 2 out walk.

Another fastball, this time not quite as high, and Bex would send it flying another 400+ feet.

Exactly one week ago, Beckham had his first career multi-HR game, with a 2 HR night in Baltimore. Let’s make this an every week thing going forward!

Final Notes:

  • Beckham looked great all night, both in the field and obviously at the plate. Also, looked great in those sexy columbia blue cleats:
  • Beckham has been on fire lately.
  • Alex Colome came on to reliever Chih-Wei Hu in the 9th, after the rookie was able to get 2 outs, but also left two on base. Colome came in to the game with the Rays leading 5-1, with two men on base, and got the final out (on a beautiful 96 mph 4-seam fastball K). Colome got his 8th save for that. The Save is a silly stat.
  • The Rays Citrus Series win brings them back (again) to .500 (15-15)
  • Game ball vote is up: no need for 4, since this was a two horse race