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2017 MLB Draft open thread part two

Draft action continues with eight more rounds Tuesday

O.J. Howard shows the extreme over-the-top arm action that caused him to drop to the Bucs in the first round
O.J. Howard shows the extreme over-the-top arm action that caused him to drop to the Bucs in the first round
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night, the Rays made three picks. If you missed who the new additions to the organization are, check out these posts:

LHP/1B Brendan McKay (4)
RHP Drew Rasmussen (31)
RHP Michael Mercado (40)

What are the scouting reports saying about McKay? How about Rasmussen and Mercado?

The Rays have $12,528,100 to spend on their draft picks this week.

Day 2 action starts at 1 PM, and teams will draft through the 10th round. has a useful tracker, and that includes a video stream that features some analysis.

I like what the Rays did Monday night, provided they can sign the three players to contracts once their seasons are over.

McKay's not going to come cheaply. The bonus recommendation for the No. 4 pick is $6,153,600. If he gets that, he'll barely beat out Tim Beckham's team record for a draft signing bonus when he was the top pick in 2008. It might take a little more to get him, but not so much that it prohibits the team the rest of the week.

Rasmussen I could see getting a little less than the recommended $2,134,900 for the No. 31 pick. His injury history and lack of innings over the last couple years plus being drafted a little earlier than expected are factors on the team's side. On the other hand, if he was totally healthy, it's not hard to imagine him being a top-20 pick. If he does agree to less than the recommended value, he probably comes with more upside than the usual player taking a smaller bonus.

Mercado could very well take more than the recommended $1,714,500 with the No. 40 pick. He's committed to Stanford, and players who want to go to Stanford typically actually want to go there. However, the Rays wouldn't take him this early if they didn't believe he could be signed.

Around the league, I thought the Astros and Dodgers were fortunate to have J.B. Bukauskas and Jeren Kendall, respectively, fall to their picks in the first round. I thought Miami and Toronto did well with their picks, and St. Louis couldn't have had a better draft. Or a worse draft.

This post will be updated throughout the day with information on the team's picks.

Here are some of the best players left on Baseball America's draft board:

High-school bats

29. SS Nick Allen: Like Mercado, Allen is a San Diego-area product. He's a little guy, but he can hit and really play shortstop. I don't know if signability is a concern here. It seems like he should've been drafted.
39. SS Brady McConnell: McConnell, on the other hand, is expected to be a tough sign with a commitment to Florida. Spending a couple years with the Gators might be best for him anyway.
62. OF Garrett Mitchell: Mitchell has some of the best tools in the draft, but he's very raw and comes with a lot of risk. He was expected to be a tough sign away from UCLA, and his diabetes could be concerning to teams too.

High-school arms

33. RHP Blayne Enlow: Enlow has all the ingredients of a top pitcher, so that he's still available is pretty telling about whether teams think he's going to LSU or not.
38. RHP Tanner Burns: Burns is one of the top prospects available in the state of Alabama's strong 2017 class. He's not big, but he has good stuff. He can also hit, so he may join the Crimson Tide for a chance to play two ways.
58. RHP James Marinan: Marinan came on strong late this season. He has a good fastball and some athleticism. He should be signable away from Miami.

College arms

41. RHP Tristan Beck: Beck did not pitch at all in 2016 due to a back injury. It was spectulated that he didn't come back late because he had a deal arranged with a team already, but if he did, that clearly didn't involve a Day 1 pick. He has decent stuff and was very effective as a freshman in 2015.
83. RHP Jake Thompson: It's been a few years since the Rays drafted a pitcher named Jake Thompson, and they already took his Oregon State teammate, Rasmussen. He could be a reliever because he has trouble throwing strikes, but he does have good stuff.
87. RHP Blaine Knight: There seem to be some durability concerns regarding the Arkansas righty since he only weighs 165 pounds. He definitely has the pitches to start though.

College bats

68. C/1B K.J. Harrison: Harrison has prior catching experience, but he may not play back there as a professional. His work at the plate is a key part of Oregon State's championship aspirations. Corner outfield could be a possibility for him.
71. OF Michael Gigliotti: Lipscomb's center fielder played well in the Cape Cod League last offseason, and the team that drafts him is probably hoping for that version of him than the apparently disappointing one from this spring. He's fast and gets on base.
72. C Riley Adams: Adams is huge, and that means he's not guaranteed to stay behind the plate. With his strong arms, teams would like him to, though. He has some nice power potential.