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MLB Draft 2017: Tampa Bay Rays draft tracker and signing board

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The Rays drafted 41 players, but how many will join the organization?

MLB First Year Player Draft Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Welcome to our Tampa Bay Rays 2017 Draft Tracker.

For a player’s position, I just used what was on the draft tracker and am not making any value judgments on whether a player can actually stick at that position as a professional because that’s beside the point for this post.

For a player’s class, that tracker counts redshirt sophomores, like Drew Rasmussen, as juniors. “5S” stands for a fifth-year senior, and “J2” stands for a player who completed two years at a junior college. Kyle Goodbrand was listed as a senior on the tracker, but he appears to have a year of eligibility left, so I noted that as a redshirt junior (RJr).

In the status column, I tried to include any concrete information or even rumors regarding a player. If a player is assigned to a roster, I’ll include that. Players still in the College World Series are not eligible to sign until they are done competing.

If a player drafted in the 11th round or later signs, only bonus money over $125,000 counts against the spending cap.

If you see any information regarding a signing decision or bonus money for any player, please share it in the comments below.

Tampa Bay Rays 2017 Draft Tracker

Name Rnd/Ovr Pos Class School Status Recommendation Bonus Difference
Name Rnd/Ovr Pos Class School Status Recommendation Bonus Difference
Brendan McKay 1/4 1B/LHP Jr Louisville Signed $6,153,600 $7,007,500 $853,900
Drew Rasmussen CBA/31 RHP Jr Oregon State Not expected to sign $2,134,900
Michael Mercado 2/40 RHP HS Westview Signed $1,714,500 $2,132,400 $417,900
Taylor Walls 3/79 SS Jr Florida State Signed $720,600 $612,500 -$108,100
Drew Strotman 4/109 RHP Jr St. Mary's Signed $492,200 $367,500 -$124,700
Josh Fleming 5/139 LHP Jr Webster Signed $367,500 $272,500 -$95,000
Zach Rutherford 6/169 SS Jr Old Dominion Signed $276,100 $262,500 -$13,600
Hunter Schryver 7/199 LHP Sr Villanova Signed $215,200 $17,500 -$197,700
Riley O'Brien 8/229 RHP Sr Col. of Idaho Signed $170,600 $7,500 -$163,100
Andrew Gist 9/259 LHP Sr Georgia Signed $146,500 $7,500 -$139,000
Phoenix Sanders 10/289 RHP Sr South Florida Signed $136,400 $7,500 -$128,900
Justin Lewis 11/319 RHP Jr Kentucky Will not sign
Carl Chester 12/349 CF Jr Miami Signed $125,000
Erik Ostberg 13/379 C Jr Hartford Signed $100,000
Vincent Byrd 14/409 1B J2 Long Beach City College Signed $100,000
Bryce Brown 15/439 CF Jr Jackson State Signed $90,000
Caleb Bolden 16/469 RHP HS Pleasant Grove Not expected to sign
Chris Muller 17/499 RHP Jr UT San Antonio Signed $50,000
Michael Smith 18/529 CF J2 San Jacinto North Signed $197,500 $72,500
Tyler Day 19/559 RHP 5S Colorado Mesa Signed $3,000
Andrew Quezada 20/589 RHP J2 Cypress Committed to CS Fullerton
Paul Campbell 21/619 RHP Jr Clemson Signed $50,000
Alex Valverde 22/649 RHP J2 Miami Dade College Committed to Alabama
Zack Mozingo 23/679 RHP 5S Mount Olive Signed $3,000
Jordyn Muffley 24/709 C J2 Parkland Signed $100,000
Andrew Miller 25/739 C J2 Southwest Tennessee CC Signed $60,000
Scott Schreiber 26/769 1B Jr Nebraska Undecided
Blake Pflughaupt 27/799 LHP J2 Galveston College Signed $100,000
Justin Bridgman 28/829 SS Sr Nevada Signed $2,000
Ryan Askew 29/859 RHP Sr Mercer Signed $2,000
Gavin Williams 30/889 RHP HS Cape Fear Will not sign
Chris Williams 31/919 C Jr Clemson Not expected to sign
Seaver Whalen 32/949 3B Sr Lewis-Clark State Signed $2,000
Ivan Pelaez 33/979 LHP Sr Faulkner Signed $2,000
Trey Hair 34/1009 2B Sr Evansville Signed $2,000
Garrett Anderson 35/1039 RHP Sr Florida Gulf Coast Signed $2,000
Kyle Goodbrand 36/1069 RHP RJr UC San Diego
Cole Cabrera 37/1099 CF HS Punahou Committed to Cal Poly
JJ Schwarz 38/1129 C Jr Florida Will not sign
Jonathan Stroman 39/1159 RHP HS La Cueva "Unlikely to sign"
Allen Smoot 40/1189 3B 5S San Francisco Signed $2,000
Total $10,393,200 $11,687,400 $374,200
Total + 5% $10,912,860
Remaining w/ no pen. * $145,460
* If Rasmussen doesn't sign
Rays draft picks

Kudos to a post on Bluebird Banter for inspiring this format. I just made a few tweaks.