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The Hit Show 6/20 - The Cavalry is Coming!

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Keep that Playoff push alive!

Go Rays!

This week Danny and Darby go nuts for Alex Cobb’s recent performance!

Alex Cobb has been Vintage of late [1:00]

Jacob Faria has come up and he’s legit [8:00]

The Rays are over .500! [18:39]

Danny has a distant relative in former Phillies Ace with a >5.00 ERA - Fidgety Phill Collins (not the drummer) [19:39]

The Rays acquired Trevor Plouffe. What can we expect? [24:12]

Does Plouffe’s acquisition trigger the end of the Ricky Weeks Era? [26:53]

Brad Miller’s injury seems like it was worse that we thought.[31:38]

Reinforcements are coming! Including Brad Boxberger [34:20] and Wilson Ramos [34:38]

Other injuries include Brent Honeywell [35:46], Taylor Guerrieri [36:14] Jamie Schultz [36:40] Matt Duffy [37:43], Matt Andriese [38:26]

Diego Moreno [39:40]

Should Erasmo Ramirez drop into the bullpen? [40:24]

There’s a crunch coming with the players coming back from injury. Does Derek Norris get sent down? [44:07]

Danny and Darby discuss the ongoing results of the Rays 2017 Draft [45:30]

Rays first round pick Brendan McKay has two different curve balls [47:16]