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Chris Archer lobbies for Corey Dickerson to make the All-Star Game

Chris Archer joined MLB Network’s MLB Central yesterday to lobby for Rays DH extraordinaire Corey Dickerson to make the All-Star Game. He’s currently 1,000 votes outside of second place:

1. Nelson Cruz, Mariners: 1,118,873
2. Matt Holliday, Yankees: 927,247
3. Corey Dickerson, Rays: 926,163
4. Edwin Encarnacion, Indians: 813,715
5. Evan Gattis, Astros: 713,918

During the segment, Archer wore a ‘VOTE COREY’ sign around his neck, explaining why he thinks Dickerson should play in the All-Star Game.

Here’s what Archer had to say:

“I know a lot of people don’t get the chance to watch us on a regular basis ‘cause we’re tucked down here in Tampa, but he’s fun to watch, the way he has the hand-eye coordination, the bat-to-ball skills as some people say, it’s exceptional. It’s second to none. You look at all the numbers across the board, no disrespect to anybody else but he should be the starting designated hitter in the All-Star game. Leading off, leadoff homer. I’m calling it.”

Archer also suggested that Tim Beckham should make the All-Star Game:

“Career year for Tim Beckham right now. Career year, .280, 10+ playing great D. I’d like to see him in there with [Carlos] Correa. Again, no disrespect to anybody else, but I’d like to see him in there with Correa.”

Following Archer’s interview, MLB Central welcomed Royals’ first baseman Eric Hosmer for an interview.

Each team is using hashtags to promote their players. The Rays have alternated #VoteRays and #ClickCorey, while the Royals are rolling with #VoteHos, which is not what I thought it was on first glance.

In response to Archer’s sign, “Hos” jokingly wore a sign taped to his shirt that said “ARCHER SUCKS”.

In response to Hosmer’s joke, Archer Tweeted the following:

Weren’t Hosmer and Archer on Team USA together? I guess these Hos’ ain’t loyal...

The ribbing is all in good fun, but Corey Dickerson is very well deserving of starting the All-Star game.

If you haven’t voted yet, today might be your best day to do so (and you can vote everyday):

The Contest is today only. Check out the rest of the prizes (and the R&R) on the contest web page here.