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Send the best hitter in baseball to the All-Star Game: Vote Dickerson!

Rays fans can vote early and often to make sure Corey gets his due.

Tampa Bay Rays v Cleveland Indians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Corey Dickerson is one of the best hitters in major league baseball, that is a fact.

Corey Dickerson is not a lock for the All-Star Game. That, sadly, is also a fact. And a travesty.

Thus far in 2017, Corey Dickerson ranks 9th in the MLB and 4th in the AL in fWAR with 2.9.

He is among the league leaders in plate appearances, which makes the fact he leads the American League in average even better. He is currently slashing .330/.371/.587 on the year with 17 HR.

He is leading the American League in hits with 99, the only player with more is Charlie Blackmon of the Rockies, who has 101 with 28 more plate appearances.

What more poof do you need?

Fans have been doing better as of late, with Corey Dickerson surging up the ballot from 4th to 2nd over the past month, but he still has some ground to make up to surpass Nelson Cruz.

The ballots will close on Thursday, but here’s one time when you can vote often and it’s not a felony! Every fan can vote up to five times a day until the deadline at this link:

Come on everyone, do this All-Star game some justice and get Corey Dickerson into the starting lineup!